Advertising with Homes & Estates of Kern County

Impress Sellers

Print advertising is not something that every agent does, and when you're trying to set yourself apart from your competition -- it's a great "value added" service that shows your seller's you are serious about selling their home.  Not only will it impress your Sellers that you are taking the extra step to maximize their exposure, they'll be happy when you bring them the buyer that found their property from the #1 real estate magazine in Kern County.

Find Buyers

Our magazine is placed in hundreds of stores throughout the county and in other areas outside our county.  Combine that with our national website, and the bottom line is this:  the more people your listings is exposed to, the more likely you are to get a full price offer and find the buyer that is looking for properties like yours.  Advertising in the Homes & Estates of Kern County is a must if you are serious about finding the buyers that are looking right now.

Improve Your Image

When you advertise with us, it not only helps you find buyers for existing listings, but it puts you in front of hundreds of sellers who are trying to decide who can best market their properties.  The more people see your picture on the Internet and print advertising, the more credibility and the better image you have with interested buyers and sellers.  If the saying is true that "success breeds success" then it's a win win all around.  Advertise with us and you will increase the exposure of your listings to intersted buyers, make sellers happy, and put yourself out there as a true real estate professional.  Bottom line is, that it will help your bottom line.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started as an advertiser with us, just complete the form below.  We'll get back to you ASAP by phone or email with details and answer any questions you might have.